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Are there any keyboard short-cuts for Trade Interceptor Desktop?

Yes we have a list of shortcuts. It is available in the help manual.

Bellow you can find the keyboard shortcut list: 

- Frozen tools can be moved with the mouse button while holding the SHIFT key.

- Double‐click while holding SHIFT on a tool or indicator opens its Properties dialog.

- Arrows keys and “Home”, “End”, “Pg Up”, “Pg Down” keys can be used for navigating the chart.

- Mouse wheel can scroll or zoom (setting available in Options>General Preferences and by pressing Ctrl key); when scrolling, pressing Shift key amplifies the scrolling speed.

- ESC key closes the Trading Intelligence window

- Chart area on all windows can be expanded and contracted simultaneously: Shift + F11 and Shift + Expand Button Click.

- Set Security>Enter

- Save Template>Ctrl+S

- Print>Ctrl+P

- Chart Snapshot>Ctrl+Shift+P

- View Historical Data>F2

- Bar Chart>Alt+1

- Candlesticks>Alt+2

- Line Chart>Alt+3

- Order at Market Price>F9

- Help>F11

- Zoom In/Out>Numpad‐Plus, Numpad‐Minus

- Fit in Window>Numpad+5>

- General Preferences>Ctrl+O

- Color Preferences>F8

- Show/Hide Chart Title>Ctrl+H

- Show/Hide Volume>Ctrl+L

- Show/Hide FULL Grid>Ctrl+G

- Cross Line (you need to click after it)>Ctrl+F

- Show/Hide Data values>Ctrl+D

- Next Chart Window>Ctrl+F6

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