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How to create a new price alarm from my mobile app?

In order to set a price alert from Alarms Menu, go to More > AlarmsSelect "Right Expression", Condition and "Left Expression" then tap "Done".
To create the alert from the chart, then double-tap on it, select "Alarms", select "Price Alarm" from the bottom bar. touch the chart to define the alarm's level and it will be placed. Tap "Done" and then "Close" to exit "Alarms" mode.

For the Android app make sure you have turned ON the setting "Push Notifications" in the section More > Settings.
For the iOS apps go to your phone Settings > Notifications > In Notification Center > find Trade Interceptor and make your settings.

Trade Interceptor's server based alarms are part of the Premium Services.

This article applies to Trade Interceptor for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, including Kindle Fire and BlackBerry Playbook.

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