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Is it possible to add a moving average to inferior indicators like the RSI for example, or add several indicators on the same pane?

It is possible and easy to add several indicators on the same pane both on the Desktop and Mobile applications.

On the desktop, we recommend using the "Transform" feature. For example:

Copy the RSI to have it twice in separate panes.

Then transform one of them into a Moving average (for example Simple Moving Average with transform period). This RSI will become an SMA 50 calculated on the original RSI. This is possible only on the desktop platform.

After that move the second RSI (original one without transformation) to the transformed one. Thus you will have both on the same pane.

Also simply copying one indicator to another one's pane will combine them together.

On mobile the same joining of two or more indicators is possible if you go to "Indicators" section, select "Edit" and drag & drop one indicator to the other one.

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