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  1. Are there any keyboard short-cuts for Trade Interceptor Desktop?

  2. Can I change the values of Parabolic SAR indicator?

  3. Can I use custom time frames, like for example two days time frame?

  4. Do you charge any commissions?

  5. Do you offer institutional/corporate accounts?

  6. Heikin Ashi charts have a different real-time price compared to the actual price. What is the reason?

  7. How can I draw a trend line on my mobile app?

  8. How can I make Trade Interceptor to show my work space template as default layout?

  9. How can I save trend lines, objects and my studies into the charts? If I save a template and then close the platform when I return, my studies are deleted from the charts.

  10. How does slippage work?

  11. How to add more currencies in the "Streaming Quotes" tab of Quotes & Analytics window?

  12. How to add new template on Trade Interceptor desktop?

  13. How to add text to a sticky note?

  14. How to back-up / transfer my Trade Interceptor templates on another computer?

  15. How to change currency on all charts with one click on Trade Interceptor desktop?

  16. How to change or upload a new currency on a chart on Trade Interceptor Desktop?

  17. How to change the alert sound to something louder for my Android app?

  18. How to create a new price alarm from my mobile app?

  19. How to create alarm on the chart with my mobile app?

  20. How to Create Server Alarm from Trade Interceptor Desktop?

  21. How to delete the server-side alerts which have already expired?

  22. How to export my trading history?

  23. How to link my chart on the Trade Interceptor Desktop to populate one instrument on all charts?

  24. How to load more historical data on charts of my Trade Interceptor mobile?

  25. How to load more historical data on the charts of the desktop application?

  26. How to make custom indicators on Trade Interceptor Desktop?

  27. How to partially close a trade?

  28. How to print a chart from my mobile Trade Interceptor app?

  29. How to remove a graphical tool from my charts in the mobile app?

  30. How to remove a Stop Loss, Take Profit or pending order?

  31. How to remove trend line or other graphical tool from the screen?

  32. How to restore and back-up a previous version of Trade Interceptor for Android?

  33. How to retrieve a default template which I accidentally removed from my mobile app?

  34. How to retrieve the desktop shortcut icon which was not created upon installation?

  35. How to see if my chart is Bid or Ask and how to change that?

  36. How to see the article of a news headline showing at bottom right corner of my screen on the Desktop application?

  37. How to set a trailing stop?

  38. How to trade on Trade Interceptor for Mac?

  39. How to turn off the sound of incoming news on my Mac app?

  40. I get an error message "Unable to register to C2DM". What does that mean?

  41. Is it possible to add a moving average to inferior indicators like the RSI for example, or add several indicators on the same pane?

  42. Is there a possibility to trade automatically through an API at Trade Interceptor? If so, what kind of programming language do you support?

  43. Is there any way to prevent the window from auto-scrolling to the latest candle?

  44. Unable to Launch Application

  45. What are the business hours of your support desk?

  46. What is "Link charts" for?

  47. What is a PIP?

  48. What is a Round Turn?

  49. What is hedging?

  50. What is the difference between Market Makers and ECN / NDD / STP brokers?

  51. What is the magnet icon for?

  52. What is the TrendRisk Scanner and how it calculates reward to risk?

  53. When is my paper trading account going to expire?

  54. Why are Open and Close prices of adjacent candles sometimes not equal?

  55. Why are S/L and T/P lines not always responding when I try to drag them on the chart of my mobile app?

  56. Why did my charts and quotes stop moving after Friday?

  57. Why I am not notified by email when an alarm is triggered on my mobile?

  58. Why, when I try to run your desktop software, I'm asked to choose a program to open it with?

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